Life is all About — Heart, Mind and Soul

In our daily life we speaks with words and these words comes out from heart. Normally we humans express our mind with those words coming out from heart and it is very important to communicate in and out for survival of a human being.
Do you remember those days when you gone out of the words? What happen? you recall it like yeah! I did it when my heart was badly broken. If I relate it to my country then most of the men become “Poets” if they got heart broken in case of love.
Now who is a Poet?, wait! Don’t guess I will explain….A Poet is that person who speaks from soul and It’s because of an extreme feeling which creates a link between the soul and the universe.

It’s a normal saying that-“the language of a soul is a language of a God.”

Every word which comes out from soul is like a precious pearl in the shell and its expression is difficult for normal people but every thing has its own way out so whenever we express ourselves with words of soul it become  a poem, an ode and sonnets. In this way words of soul have its own beauty of expressing god’s love.
A poem is not a gossip nor a comment neither a feeling it’s a pure form of the language of a soul which is a language of a god.
I am trying to pen down some of extracts of the god’s language in an anthology so that each and every expression will creates magic within soul and spread love and peace.
Life is all about—Heart– to feel, Mind–to speak, Soul–to express That’s the way it is.