I was in a travel ship
For my austrailian trip
Everybody their messed in a pair
Celebrating the voyage with no fear
Excluding me! gadding here and there
Lonely on deck and lonely among throng
Silently watching and thinking what’s wrong
Feeling pity cause all were involved
In the stunning dancing ball
Just wondering for a partner
By standing in a corner
Filled with sorrow my poor heart
Instantly desire for being a love bird
Gradually i get frustuated
Stepping towards the bar; tempted
Ordered a pack and gulp the bucks
Oneth, twoth, thirdth……………….
Loading the effect, I felt perfect
Gonna crazy and outta world
Crying, shouting, talking from passerby
Emotions, feelings goes out of control
What happened to me no-one knows
Even I was not on my toes
Suddenly a push came towards
I fell with a throw
But someone came and make hold
I shouted………… moron!!!
After that lips locked
Meanwhile at 12 striked clock
The whole mass loudly applaud
Out of my sense I accepted
Proposal which he putted……….


God is the creator of the universe soul
But the women is the creator of life
The role of women is differentiated
From daughter, educator to wife

I rebel being a daughter
Seeking permission for our rights
To come home early before diminishing lights
To talk sensitive and avoid fight
To dress smartly but conventionally
To respect those whose experience is more their behaviour sight

I rebel being a educator
Seeking judgement for our values
To maintain peace with virtue in male dominating society
To co-operate with the situations which kill inside
To think, to understand and to keep a sight opposite to our exsistance

I rebel being a wife
Seeking independency with rules
To manage the two families according to their expectations
To compromise and sacrifice each day twice
To taking the blames without committing mistakes

Finally I rebel being a human as a
Its a feel of humiliation
Its a feel of devastation
Its a feel of molestation
Its a feel of harrasment
Its a feel of tormation
Its a feel of suicide

And pray to god for no prejudice in the next universe creation

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